10 Myths About Older Workers

(ref: Overcoming Myths About Older Workers Flash Cards at http://www.AgelessInAmerica.com )

  1. MYTH: Older workers are too expensive.
    In the time-based 20th century, the longer people worked, the more they earned. In the market-driven 21st century, private and public sector businesses have to become efficient low cost providers. People and organizations need to compete in this center and both must break the link between pay and seniority.
  2. MYTH: Older workers can’t learn as well as younger workers.
    The fastest growing group of Internet users is over age 50. According to a recent Harvard University study, the ability to use an accumulated body of knowledge keeps rising throughout the lifetimes of healthy people. It is true that the most effective ways to learn may be different for older workers than others. Experiential learning has proven to be of greatest value with this group.
  3. MYTH: Older workers aren’t as productive as younger workers.
    “Productivity” is a character trait – not a generational trait. Business Week, in researching the aging workforce, states that people can be old, smart and productive assuming they maintain their health and stay abreast of standard technology. Researchers confirm that far from wearing people down, work can actually inspire people to be productive and fit. Continue reading