12 Regular Kids That Did Heroic Things Around The World

(ref: The Doggy Dung Disaster by Garth Sundem)

  1. Haruko Maruno, Japan (12 yrs old)
    Invented a way to use an empty milk carton as a more environmentally-friendly doggy “poop scoop”.
  2. Omar Castillo Gallegos, Mexico (8 yrs old)
    Walked 800 miles to a rainforest in order to save it.
  3. Henry Cilly, USA (3rd grader)
    Got a construction company to care about turtles.
  4. Harshit Agrawal, India (10 yrs old)
    Made cloth bags out of old clothes and got people to use them instead of using plastic bags.
  5. Amy Beal, Australia (12 yrs old)
    Saved a dying river and its wildlife by educating and organizing other kids about water conservation.
  6. Aika Tsubota, Japan (10 yrs old)
    Created a comic book about the Earth and its environment that is now used as a text book in science classes.
  7. Santosh Yadov, India (16 yrs old)
    Started training herself and became the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest.
  8. Farliz Calle, Columbia (15 yrs old)
    Started the Children’s Peace Movement and despite death threats, mobilized 2.7 million young people to vote for “survival, peace, family, and freedom from abuse”.
  9. Ivan Sekulovic & Petrit Selimi, Serbia (15 yrs old)
    A Serbian and an Albanian boy formed a group of 600 kids to counter hatred.
  10. Melika Sanders, USA (15 yrs old)
    In 1996, Melika organized a peaceful sit-in to successfully stop Selma, Alabama schools from using color as a basis for separating students into remedial and advanced level classes. She then organized a campaign to get a corrupt mayor voted out of office.
  11. Jean-Dominic Leversque-Rene, Canada (10 yrs old)
    After getting cancer from a pesticide used to keep golf course lawns green, he convinced local government to get golf courses to significantly reduce their use of the pesticide. He extended his protest throughout Canada and the United States. Jean-Dominic won both his cause and his own fight over cancer.
  12. Iqbal Masih, Pakistan (12 yrs old)
    From the age of 4, Iqbal worked as slave labor in a carpet factory. After escaping at the age of 10, Iqbal told his story to help the world learn about the world’s 250 million child workers. He was shot and killed at the age of 12 in Pakistan.

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