About Just Lists

Not really an earth-shaking blog (or maybe it is). It’s just a collection of lists (with references) all with a Peace and Social Justice* focus. Hence the name Just Lists. If you have found something you like here please do me a favor and tell your friends, post a link on your blog, and pass along a link to one of these lists on Facebook and Twitter!

These lists are a collection by Derrick Kikuchi, one of the co-owners of Reach and Teach – The Peace and Social Justice Learning Company. I greatly appreciate your checking out our company website where you can pick up some good ideas and buy some great products that help to transform the world through teachable moments.

GOT AN IDEA FOR A JUST LISTS? Please pass it along in the comments box below.

*You may ask, “What is Social Justice?” (great question!) Check out Reach and Teach’s Defining “Social Justice”


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