10 Well-known Scriptural Passages from the Book of Hezekiah

Actually, there is no Biblical Book of Hezekiah, so this is an inside joke to refer to quotations that many insist are in the Christian Bible but in fact are not. Where possible, we also note the true attribution.

  1. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. (Chinese proverb)
  2. Hate the sin, love the sinner. (Mahatma Gandhi)
  3. A penny saved is a penny earned. (Benjamin Franklin)
  4. Cleanliness is next to godliness. (Francis Bacon)
  5. God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. (William Cowper)
  6. It is better to cast your seed in the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground. (unknown)
  7. Charity begins at home. (Terence, a Roman actor)
  8. Money is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6 actually reads, “Love of money is the root of all evil.”)
  9. God helps those who help themselves. (Benjamin Franklin)
  10. Spare the rod, spoil the child. (Samuel Butler)

6 Responses

  1. Where does it say Not even a leaf from a tree will move without God’s will?

  2. It appears to be a saying in India, but don’t know anything more specific.

  3. There is a new book coming out called “The Book of Hezekiah, and other Holy Cows!”

    Pretty cool idea.

  4. When I was in college, we had an associate pastor who named his cat Hezekiah. Actually, the cat’s full name was Hezekiah 3:12. When asked why the cat was given that name, John would say, “Look it up.”

  5. Please be aware, “Give a man a fish….” is not in fact a Chinese proverb. (Nor is it in the Bible.)

    The first recorded instance of it (in somewhat altered form) is in 19th century English literature.

  6. @ Ernesto Gonzales “Not even a leaf from a tree will move without God’s will” seems very close to Matthew 10:29: “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father’s will.”

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